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White Paper Packages Tied up with String…

White Paper Packages Add Intense Value and That’s Definitely One of My Favorite Things

A white paper is a discussion… like sitting down to a nice meal… or a cup of tea. It deepens relationships on its own but you can use the same data and content to keep the conversation going or take the relationship to a new level.

Great content builds trust and gives them all the information they need as they weigh their options.


Don’t just give your prospects a download link. Set the table.

Landing pages, email sequences, and other content engages your prospect and keeps them engaged through their entire decision-making journey and keeps them engaged with you. 


Make sure your digital front door is ready for your new prospects with the right landing pages and email sequences that welcome them in.

    Nurture your prospects in every stage of the funnel as you educate and build trust by taking the discussion deeper.


    Build out your blog, video, and email content so you can take the discussion deeper and bring it into more arenas.

    How Do the White Paper Packages Compare?

    My white paper brand and messaging guide is included with all of my packages. Research shows that B2B companies ignore brand and voice, but this is a mistake. When you know:

    • Who you are
    • Who your potential clients are
    • How you compare with your competitors

    …You have the ability to nurture relationships for the long term, at whatever stage of the buyer’s journey their in.

    The Alba Brand and Messaging Guide is a powerful way to hone in on the ideal topic and to thoroughly understand what your prospects and clients find valuable, directly from them. 

    Because your clients’ words are the most influential message your prospects would love to hear.


    Alba Content Studio White Paper — The TLDR

    Package 1

    A Simple Cuppa

    • Complete brand and messaging guide
    • White paper project
    • Landing page
    • Delivery email
    • 4 blog posts
    • 5 social media posts
    • Email nurture sequence

    Starting at:


    Package 2

    Afternoon Tea Package

    • Complete brand and messaging guide
    • White paper project
    • Landing page
    • Delivery email
    • 4 blog posts
    • 5 social media posts
    • Email nurture sequence

    Starting at:


    Premium Package 3

    The Tea Ceremony 

    • Complete brand and messaging guide
    • White paper project
    • Landing page
    • Delivery email
    • 4 blog posts
    • 10 social media posts
    • Email nurture sequence

    Starting at:


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    White Paper Package 1 — A Simple Cuppa

    Start the conversation off right between you and your prospect

    Sometimes all you need is a nice cup of English Breakfast and a scone to nibble on because everything else is in place.

    When you have all the other content pieces in place, you just need a white paper. My white paper flat fee starts at $3700, but the Simple Cuppa Package gives you just a bit extra so you know you’re communicating exactly what your prospect needs to hear. 

    The Simple Cuppa Includes:  

    • A Complete Alba Brand and Messaging Package (valued at $1000) where I research voice of customer, analyze your competition, and your nail your brand voice so we make sure we’re identifying your prospect’s true pain points and giving them a solid first impression of your company.
    • A white paper process that includes solid research, discussions with team members, and 1-2 interviews with independent subject matter experts.
    • Editing — After draft is approved, I’ll submit to an editor to make sure it’s concise, clear, and grammatically correct. It’s always important to have another set of eyes on a project.

    Starting at: $3900

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    White Paper Package 2 – Afternoon Tea

    Setting the table for your prospects with proprietary white paper delivery 

    Doff your pretty hat and white gloves, because this package sets the table with pure hospitality.

    Either way, stick out your pinky and nibble on a yummy cucumber sandwich while I pour the Earl Grey. This package covers your main deliverables:

    • Everything in Package #1
    • Inviting landing page copy that properly introduces your white paper.
    • The email copy that delivers your white paper into your prospect’s inbox with cordial propriety or pomp and excitement.

    Because Afternoon Tea is all about creating the proper experience.


    Starting at: $4800

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    White Paper Package 3 – Tea Ceremony

    A teapot spout is a funnel. Have you ever thought about that?

    The Chinese take an entirely different approach to tea than the British… and that’s their prerogative. They invented tea as we know it.

    Even a casual encounter with tea is special, and the Chinese treat it as such.

    A Chinese gong fu tea ceremony starts with an entire handful of tea leaves. Because the leaves are steeped for only a few seconds, they can be steeped and the tea served again and again, each time the tea’s flavor becomes richer and more developed. it’s designed to create an entire sensory experience: 

    • Set the table with a welcome sequence: When your prospect receives the white paper, they immediately start getting to know your company better and how you solve their problems.
    • Serve your white paper with an engaging landing page and white paper delivery email.
    • Follow up with content that keeps your prospect engaged with your company while they continue to do research and decide on a solution (Since b2b purchasing cycles are so long, you could get forgotten!).
    • Invite new prospects to the discussion through social media posts that point them to your white paper and related content.

    Keep that relationship warm

    The Tea Ceremony White Paper package uses the white paper data to keep your B2B prospect in your sales funnel over the longer B2B purchasing cycle, so your company stays front and center.


    The Tea Ceremony White Paper Package

    With the Tea Ceremony package, we’ll pour your white paper content into several different other forms of content, so you get the most flavor and value out of your white paper.

    • Complete brand and messaging guide so we make sure we’re staying true to brand and addressing your prospect’s deep-felt needs.
    • The white paper, landing page, and delivery email, so your content is delivered to your prospect with the utmost decorum and flavor.
    • Four (or more) blog posts that take go deeper on various sections of your white paper that also can be used as video scripts.
    • Five (or more) social media posts designed for 2 different platforms that you can recirculate.
    • An email nurture sequence that works to keep your prospects engaged with your company and their pain points — directing them back to your blog posts and your website.

    Infuse your white paper through your entire content strategy

    Alba Content Studio white paper content strategy

    Starting at: $7600

    Let's Talk About Creating the Best Possible White Paper Experience for Your Company and Your Prospects