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Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech Conference 


Creating the Ideal Digital Behavioral Health Vendor Portfolio: A 4-Step Blueprint



Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech started their conference in the onslaught of the COVID shutdown. 

If there was ever a time digital behavioral health needed to collaborate, it was then.

But after the shutdown, Solome Tibebu, Going Digital’s founder, wanted to reach out to regional behavioral health plans who were struggling with the sheer number of vendors knocking at their door.

How in the world could they choose? And how do they move forward to serve their members?

This white paper reviews the problems that we’re facing in 2022, and helps regional plans align their screening processes with their organizational values. 

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White Paper Revision — Thought Leadership

21st Century Job Skills Helps People Develop Life Skills for the So People Can Thrive in the 21st Century Workplace

Fortify Your Skills, Protect Your Job

The 21st century is collaborative and chaotic.

In order to function in it, you need to build skills like resilience, grit, problem-solving, analytical thinking, and so much more.

But these aren’t taught in school, and even those in possession of them could always use more skills. 

Fortify Your Skills, Protect Your Job makes the argument that these skills are necessary to thrive in the present and the future and points the way to an inexpensive resource for learning how to increase those skills individually and for those in your company.



E-book Project

Lionrock Recovery is the leader in digital substance use recovery programs

You Are Not Alone Recovery E-Book

You Are Not Alone started out as a blog post that was so popular, the CEO of Lionrock Recovery decided to expand it out into an e-book to provide support and information to those wanting to enter treatment. It’s a valuable resource for families, as well.

Collaborating with their staff, I researched and expanded the article into a full e-book that is offered as a lead magnet on their website and is for sale on



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Hi, I’m Lora. 

I create clear, engaging white papers for B2B behavioral health and healthcare companies. Together, we’ll show clinicians and organizations how your service or tech product helps them bridge the gaps in mental health support for their clients — so they can improve treatment outcomes and help people heal.