Set the Table with the Perfect Behavioral Health or Medical White Paper

White papers are like tea…

Tea was the leaf that sailed a thousand ships.

Tea inspired revolutions. (Remember that little incident in Boston Harbor?)

Tea changed the world.

With a white paper, you have the power to change the way people think, communicate important ideas, and enrich peoples’ lives.

White papers explore your prospect’s challenges, immerse them in possibilities, and let your solutions steep in their heads for a while.  

Not by singing the praises of your company… but by focusing on their problems that you solve for them. 

A few questions we’ll answer on this page…

1. What is your process/timetable for a white paper project?

2. With white papers being a deeper investment than blogs or articles (with far higher ROI), is there a way to get more value out of our white paper?

3. How much do you charge for a  behavioral health B2B white paper project?

4. Do you offer packages to increase the project value and ROI?

The 3 P’s of a Great Behavioral Health White Paper Project


Together, we look at what’s involved, who’s involved, and where are the key approval points where we meet.

I outline every stage of the project so you and other stakeholders know what to expect. 


I have a clearly-defined process for topic selection, research, and writing.

How long does it take? If I have the data I need from you, we can plan on 5-6 weeks, on average — including revisions.


Once the foundations are in place, it’s time to research, write, and edit your white paper. 

In between our regular meetings, I’ll keep you updated on project status. You’ll know what’s going on. 

How We Brew Your Alba White Paper

working with alba content studio in about page

1. Kickoff: After the proposal is signed and the deposit is received, we’ll discuss the project in detail. I’ll let you know what I’ll need from you, and we’ll set tentative dates for subsequent meetings.

2. Executive Summary and Outline: (usually 1 week later) I present the executive summary and tentative outline for you to approve or present to other stakeholders for approval, so we know we’re staying on track.

3. First Draft Approval (1.5 – 2 weeks later) We review the draft and you can review to discuss any revision needs.

4. Final Draft Approval: After necessary revisions and a review by my editor (a second set of eyes always helps), we sign off on the final draft and discuss any other ways to build off your white paper. 

How Do You Get the Most Value Out of Your White Paper Project?

Once we’ve finished the white paper, there’s so much more we can do: 

  • Use it as a lead magnet to get email addresses from prospects.
  • Nurture those email connections with regular interaction.
  • Populate social media posts with relevant points that entice readers to your landing page.
  • Refine the web copy to fit your solutions in your white paper.
  • Create YouTube and TikTok videos that illustrate key points.
  • Expound upon certain elements in blog posts.
  • Design a slide deck for the COO’s keynote presentation next month. 
  • Gather case studies that show how your product or service really did solve problems for previous customers/clients.

The Alba White Paper Infusion Strategy

Alba Content Studio white paper content strategy

The Going Rate on a Behavioral Health Tech White Paper?

A la carte white paper projects as described above start at $3700.

Get the best options with my Tea Time White Paper Packages.

Want to discuss options? Schedule a strategy call.  I’ll pour the tea.