The Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech Conference was created in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

If there was ever a time when we needed behavioral health tech to come together, it was at that moment.

While major behavioral health companies have heavily invested in the promise that tech provides with expanded treatment options and abilities to support between sessions, regional plans have struggled to manage the sheer number of vendors knocking at their doors to partner together to help their members.

This white paper project lays out the problems they face and that we’re facing in 2022, and then it lays out a 4-step plan to align the regional health plan’s values with potential vendors to decide how to move forward with vendor partnerships.

How We Prepared for the White Paper Project

Going Digital wasn’t sure what topic they needed to address so we started with a Market Analysis and Voice of Customer Research. We looked at the field and also interviewed several colleagues and clients to find out what needs were there.

As we came up with topics, we realized regional health plans were where Solome Tibebu wanted to direct her efforts and their main struggle was how to partner with behavioral health tech vendors when they were working with limited resources to vet vendors and access their resources.

As we were developing the topic, we also looked at Going Digital’s welcome mat:

Going Digital needed a welcome sequence that welcomed new subscribers to their newsletter and informed them about the benefits Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech provides to subscribers and sponsors.

The Going Digital Behavioral Health Tech White Paper: Click on the image below to begin reading…

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