Behavioral Health White Paper Strategy

That Moves Your Prospects from ??? to A-ha!!!

Nurturing White Papers for Human-Centered Behavioral Health SaaS, Tech, and Service Providers 


You’re using your own particular genius to redefine behavioral healthcare.

You’re plowing through barriers that wouldn’t budge before the pandemic.

“Meet people where they’re at.” You’re taking that counseling mantra literally:

  • Integrating technology with apps and new ways to monitor self care.
  • Creating online options for telehealth counseling and substance treatment.
  • Finding new ways to provide services that therapists, organizations, and mental health clients need.

Because you care. And because you know you can change things.


Not Just White Papers — White Paper Content Strategy

If we add just a couple of steps to the beginning and end of the white paper process…

… You’ll have an entire relationship funnel that supports and educates your prospects as they go through their customer journey.


  • I start by researching your customer, your business, and your competitors.  We know where you stand out and why customers buy from you. Blend that all together and steep it — we have your ideal white paper topic.
  • Then, on the tail end, we combine lead generation and data analytics to give us constant feedback from your prospects. 
  • Finally, we take all the research and data that’s built into your white paper — and pour it into the rest of your content, filling all your content teacups and taking those important discussions even deeper.

The Alba White Paper Content Strategy Approach:

  • Gives you a unified voice and purpose across all of your content.
  • Provides more value across your entire funnel. 
  • Streamlines your content creation process for months to come.


Alba Content Studio white paper content strategy

If You’re Serving Mental Health Professionals, We’re a Perfect Match

Behavioral Health Tech & Software Innovators

Managed Care & Insurance Companies

Behavioral & Health Care Marketing Agencies

People don’t know who to trust anymore — and that’s a problem


Because behavioral health is all about trust.

The world is full of fake news and lies.

People are inundated with businesses that don’t have real answers, but are perfectly happy to take their money.

Your prospects don’t know where to turn and they need more information than they can get from a Google search.

They’d love it if it came from you:


  • They want to see that you understand their problems (maybe even better than they do).
  • They want to know about their options (not just YOUR option).
  • They even want you to have the scones to tell them if your option isn’t right for them
alba white papers are like a full tea service with eggs and scones

Oh, you got the scones, baby.

We’re a Starbucks society: drive-thru service and paper cups, but a Twitter post isn’t going to do the job.

For your higher financial/time investment product or service, your prospects need a nutritious sit down and real connection… That’s what a white paper is.

White Papers Build Real Trust and Make Your Job Easier

Unlike a sales page, white papers take the time to walk with your prospect through their journey.


  • They illuminate the problems
  • They outline the solutions — including yours.
  • They explore the upsides and the downsides of each solution.
  • They allow information to be shared among committees and other key decision-makers. 
white papers shouldn't be boring. they should inspire
white papers are a regiment of salespeople ready to spend time with your prospect

One white paper can do the work of a whole battalion of salespeople…

And take your prospects to a higher stage of awareness so they’re ready with the right questions when they do sit down with a member of your sales team.

Alba Content Studio Lora Horn content strategist

Hi. I’m Lora. And I write white papers that are trust-building juggernauts.

(while sipping a nice cup of milk oolong.)

If they need someone to trust, so do you. I use techniques from conversion copywriting, UX, SEO, and digital marketing to make sure you and your prospects can find each other and then find common ground.


Just a Few of the 25+ Organizations I’ve Worked With

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Alba Content Studio client CTS
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alba content studio client SDSOAP

Always Learning…

I’m constantly honing my skills so you get exactly what your business needs.

I maintain memberships in groups that are leading the way in copywriting developments and colleague support.

I look out for you so you can serve your clients.


Lora Horn of Alba Content Studio is Search Marketing Specialist certified

Kind Words from Some Awesome Clients

I enjoyed working with Lora a lot.

Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

She was very willing to work with me, even in times when my idea was not very clear. If the project is a success, she will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor


Lora came recommended, but I liked her energy and her ideas. She’s flexible (super-important for working with a start-up), nice, and easy to work with. 

Lora’s a professional and she has a beautiful way of writing.

Hicham El Amrani

Founder & President, 21st Century Job Skills

The Choice is Yours

If you don’t think your business is ready for a white paper project yet, we can still create a content strategy that helps you build trust with your clients — email lists, articles, and other things that builds relationships.

If you’d like to talk, let’s have a strategy call. We’ll walk through your customer journey, and whether we move forward together or not, that will be your resource to keep… for free.

I’ll put the kettle on.

a sampling of teas just like a sampling from Alba Content Studio Portfolio

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