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Alba Means White:

Because a little white teapot led to a big white paper content strategy

Hi — I’m Lora Horn, the chief writer and tea nerd here at Alba Content Studio.

Pleased to meet you.

When I talk with behavioral health executives, marketers and content strategists like you, they say “Lora, I know I need a white paper for my super-awesome product or service, but I’m already so flippin’ busy! I don’t know what to do!”

Then they break down in tears. It isn’t pretty.

After all, white papers are an involved process. They have committees, meetings with the boss, data collection, interviews, etc.

When can you find the time (or the will)?

So one morning, I poured a cup of tea into my favorite cup (the one that says “I’m an indoor cat”) —

As the caffeine and L-theanine worked their magic on my brain, I wondered how I could make things easier on my overworked compadres…

Eureka! — I’ve got it!

What if we took all the work that goes into writing a white paper and pour it into the rest of the company’s content?

If we could do that, it would SAVE you work, not make more for you!

And if I did it for you, it would save you even more work.

(Huh. A steamy cup of pu-erh really does improve focus and brain function)

I Learned How to Write Copy in the Jungle of Papua New Guinea

I learned how to write copy while living in a remote village in a country most people can’t find on a map (it’s just north of Australia).

(Worst. Internet. EVER)

My husband and I were working at a school that was donor-funded. Our supporters were 8000 miles away — but if we wanted our work to continue, it was crucial to keep them informed and engaged.

So every morning, I’d sit down with a pot of tea and write blog articles, social media posts, newsletters and emails— because our supporters needed to hear the stories of the men and women they were helping.

Sometimes that meant driving 30 miles just to be able to hit “send” when the internet was down… Whatever it took to get the job done.


30 miles takes 3 hours — because THIS is the Highlands Highway — the main road across the country. And yes… those are POUSes – Potholes of Unusual Size, but quite common in PNG — more common than asphalt.

That’s what I still do for my Alba Content Studio clients…

Whatever it takes

I’ve taken my rainforest experience and combined it with my extensive training as a case manager and mental health counselor.

Now I work with B2B companies like yours –who help behavioral health professionals do their jobs.

  • email sequences
  • blog articles
  • case studies
  • white papers
  • PowerPoint slides
  • SEO and analytics
  • WordPress and other platforms
  • Complete content strategy services


The Experience I Bring to Your Project

  • Masters Degree in Professional Counseling
  • 5 years as a behavioral health copywriter
  • Case manager working with severely developmentally disabled adults
  • Family support worker supporting families in the DCS system
  • Lactation consultant and breastfeeding/parenting support group leader
  • International aid worker 
  • Field interviewer for social science research studies
  • Wife, mom, daughter, tea snob, and Dodger fan

What you’ll get when you work with me

Lora Horn consistently delivered smart, creative, impactful work. She took the time to understand the company, our services, and what we were looking for copy-wise. She had an amazing ability to synthesize information into a great concept. Every word was carefully selected to convey the essence of the brand and topic at hand.

Given Lora’s professionalism, collaborative nature, technical skills and attention to detail, I would highly recommend her and feel she would be a tremendous asset to any company.

Nat Handler

Digital Marketing Strategist, Embark Behavioral Health

Is a White Paper What You Need… Or Something Else?

However you serve behavioral health professionals:

  • Invoicing software
  • Telehealth and documentation
  • Continuing education programs
  • Virtual reality therapies
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Online recovery and treatment apps
  • Anything imaginable

    But services like these aren’t impulse decisions. They require thought, research, and investment.  

    They’re a high-ticket, long-term commitment. You’re not going to get buy-in from a 2-minute landing page visit.  

    Your prospects need to understand their own problems and explore the possible solutions before they’ll be ready to make a decision.

    And before they commit to your particular solution, they need to Know, Like, and Trust You.

    They need to have confidence in your expertise.

    In order to reach all of them, you’ll need a whole battalion of salespeople…

    OR, a content strategy that finds multiple ways to reach your prospects and support your clients.

    My psychology background means I understand mental health professionals and their clients. My digital marketing training means I understand what you and your company need.

    Let’s talk. I’ll pour the tea.

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    — Lora Horn

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