Healthcare and behavioral healthcare white papers that make an impact in the future of human care. 

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Alba Content Studio…

because alba means “white”

Whether you’re a payer, service provider, or tech start-up, you’re focused on making sure people get what they need so they can thrive.

A thoroughly-researched, well-written white paper for your medical or behavioral health venture is a potent tool that puts your ideas in front of important people investors, colleagues, potential partners…

I’ll work with you to get your ideas out there with a proven process that keeps the project on track. 


I bring the following to every one of your projects

  • A clear and concise project timetable with regular check-ins to make sure the project is on track as we enter each stage.
  • A solid discovery and research process that ensures you get accurate and insightful white paper content.
  • An ability to slice through the jargon and build a real connection with the reader as they define their problem and explore a range of solutions (including yours).
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Lora Horn of Alba Content Studio is Search Marketing Specialist certified
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Hi. I’m Lora Horn.

I deliver original, thought-leading content that  brings payers, investors, innovators, and providers together in the medical and behavioral health spaces. 



Alba Content Studio Lora Horn content strategist


White Paper Content Strategy:

White papers are awesome, but If you want your white paper to make an impact, don’t stop with the white paper

According to LinkedIn’s B2B Research Institute, most B2B digital marketing campaigns focus on “short-term, rational, and tightly-targeted campaigns that seek to drive immediate sales effects.”

 But most B2B buying decisions require a significant amount of time to arrive at a decision because:

  • Big decisions need to go through boards or committees.
  • Big decisions require budget allocation.
  • Big decisions require trust… and that takes time to build.

Long-term, broad, and creative campaigns are rare in B2B marketing

So if most of your competitors are throwing a white paper out there and then playing Candy Crush Saga waiting for the emails to come in…

Stand out by continuing to build your content from the insights your white paper provides.

Don’t let your prospects drop out of your funnel and corkscrew down the drain.

Show them you believe in your ideas and your product.

Inspire their trust. Build relationships through the entire buyers journey.

Kind Words from Some Awesome Clients

Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

If the project is a success, she will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor


While working with Embark Behavioral Health, Lora consistently delivered smart, creative, impactful work. She had an amazing ability to synthesize information into a great concept. Every word was carefully selected to convey the essence of the brand and topic at hand.

Nat Handler

President, Vendara Group

I liked Lora’s energy and her ideas. She’s flexible (super-important for working with a start-up), nice, and easy to work with.

Lora’s a professional and she has a beautiful way of writing.

Hicham El Amrani

Founder & President, 21st Century Job Skills

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