Make Your  Behavioral Health Tech White Paper a Virtual Reality for Your Company

Do You Need a Behavioral Health White Paper Writer?

Insurers, investors, and providers have never been more open to new options, especially technological solutions that overcome barriers to quality behavioral health care. 

White papers are powerful tools that open up communication with potential partners and customers.  

But it’s often hard for you or your staff to find the time to bring a white paper project to fruition. You’re already swamped! 

That’s why most companies bring in a white paper writer.

When you partner with a white paper writer like me, you can focus on your business, and I’ll handle the project.  

You get the white paper you dreamed of without falling behind in everything else under the sun.

Alba Content Studio white paper content strategy

I’m (clearly) not a graphic designer… but I play one on Canva.

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Want value? Let your white paper flow into the rest of your content

Prospects sign up for a white paper because they’re intrigued… so take it deeper. Pour your white paper into your other content so that you keep them engaged with the very issues that brought them to you. 

  • Email sequences that take your topic deeper.
  • Blog articles or videos that explore specific aspects.
  • Case studies that give real life examples so your prospect begins to see what it might be like for them.
  • Data that informs webinars, infographics, presentations, and keynote speeches.

Your white paper can align your company’s mission and guide your message for months to come. 


What a White Paper Can Accomplish For Your Behavioral Health Tech Company

A white paper lays out essential information so prospective customers or clients can make informed decisions.

A white paper showcases pilot study results or other original research to gain approval from payers or investors.

white paper content strategy involves listening to clients and prospects to find what they need from you

A white paper builds trust, works through problems and solutions, and reinforces your position as a thought leader in your field.

If You’re Serving Mental Health Professionals, We’re a Perfect Match

Behavioral Health Tech & Software Innovators

Managed Care & Health Insurance Plans

Behavioral & Health Care Marketing Agencies

Alba Content Studio Lora Horn content strategist

Hi. I’m Lora.

I’m a behavioral health white paper writer and content strategist for companies who are in the business of helping people

I have an M.A. in Professional Counseling and over a decade of experience as a case manager, counselor, and support group leader.

Just a Few of the 25+ Organizations I’ve Worked With

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Lora Horn of Alba Content Studio is Search Marketing Specialist certified

I care about my craft

It’s in the name. “Alba” means white.

I’m always learning, always improving… so I can write behavioral health white papers along with supporting content that helps you reach your prospects and form partnerships that will deliver quality behavioral health care to those who need it.

Kind Words from Some Awesome Clients

I contracted Lora to write copy for Embark Behavioral Health. She took the time to understand the company, our services and what we were looking for copy-wise.

Lora consistently delivered smart, creative, impactful work. She had an amazing ability to synthesize information into a great concept. Every word was carefully selected to convey the essence of the brand and topic at hand.

Nat Handler

President, Vendara Group

Lora came recommended, but I liked her energy and her ideas. She’s flexible (super-important for working with a start-up), nice, and easy to work with.

Lora’s a professional and she has a beautiful way of writing.

Hicham El Amrani

Founder & President, 21st Century Job Skills

I enjoyed working with Lora a lot.

Not only did she come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

She was very willing to work with me, even in times when my idea was not very clear. If the project is a success, she will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor


I’ll Put the Kettle On

I’d love to pour some sencha and listen to you tell me about how you’re changing the face of behavioral health… and then we can discuss how a white paper can help you make that happen.

Just click the button to the right to schedule a time that works for your schedule.