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because alba means “white”… as in white papers

You need a behavioral healthcare white paper.

Whether you’re a c-level healthcare insurance exec, a digital marketing manager, or a behavioral health tech start-up entrepreneur, you’re mind-blowingly busy.

You’ve probably been thinking “we need a white paper” for quite a while…

But what happens to your regular content work while you’re busy researching, compiling, writing, and editing? 

Behavioral healthcare white papers are my cup of tea


That’s why I’m here.

I research and write white papers for behavioral health B2B companies.

I have a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and years of experience in case management, counseling, and field interviewing.

I know my stuff.

And I make it easy on you.

No headaches… No huge complications.


Know what to expect the whole way

With my simple 4-stage process, you’ll know exactly how long the project will take and exactly what stage we’re in, because there will be regular (often quick) check-ins to make sure the project is on course and exactly where you need it to be.

As long as I have what I need from you, your thoroughly researched, well-written white paper is often finished in as little as 5 weeks.

You take care of your regular stuff, I’ll take care of the white paper.

No jargon-laden slog-fest reports, either. I write to your targeted audience. They’ll get the information they need—and they’ll understand it.

Some of My Awesome Current and Past Partners


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Behavioral Healthcare White Papers and More

Not just white papers, but white paper strategy


White papers...but don't stop there!

A white paper that highlights a key problem that your company solves is a potent marketing tool. But the B2B buyer’s journey is long. Keep them company.

Content that keeps engaging

Case studies show your prospect how your solution works for companies like theirs.
Blog articles, videos, etc. take your prospects deeper while they learn.

It's really all about email

With your prospect’s email, you deliver segmented content that enriches and nurtures during their entire decision-making process and after they become clients.

Strategy: Make Sure You’re Taking Care of Your Prospects and Clients

Content & SEO Strategy

Leverage your white paper’s power throughout the rest of your content to amplify your message & nurture your prospects.

Voice of Customer Research & Market Analysis

What makes you stand out from your competitors? Why did your clients choose you? Let’s find out.


Original Qualitative Research

Do you know there’s an issue but need the data? I survey, interview, and conduct focus groups.

About Me

I’m Lora Horn. I create clear, engaging white papers for B2B behavioral health and healthcare companies.

Together, we’ll show clinicians and organizations how your service or tech product supports their members and clients — so they can improve treatment outcomes and help people heal.

What My Behavioral Healthcare Clients Clients Say…


“I could not be happier with the white paper Lora wrote for us at Motivo Health.

She leveraged her deep understanding of behavioral health; did extensive research and fact-checking, and crafted an engaging, informative piece for us—which we’ll utilize for years to come.” 

Rachel McCrickard, LMFT

CEO and Co-Founder

Motivo Health



Not only did Lora come up with original ideas for my project, but she also was not afraid to question some of the decisions that I made.

If the project is a success, Lora will have played a very important part.

Amin Tazifor



“I liked Lora’s energy and her ideas. She’s flexible (super-important for working with a start-up), nice, and easy to work with.

Lora’s a professional and she has a beautiful way of writing.”

Hicham El Amrani

Founder & President

21st Century Job Skills


While working with Embark Behavioral Health, Lora consistently delivered smart, creative, impactful work.

She had an amazing ability to synthesize information into a great concept.

Nat Handler

President, Vendara Group

Cohesive... and cool

“When I read through my site for the first time, I thought ‘I would want that person to be MY therapist.’ 

Lora took my responses from our interview and created a cohesive story/voice about me and how I help the person looking at my website. It’s hard to put into words. Basically, she took my boring information and made it sound cool.”

Shannon Gallina, Ph.D.


“Lora took the time to understand the company, our services, and what we were looking for.”

“We’ll be utilizing her services again.”

“She made it sound cool.”

Lora went out of her way to include details not asked for, but will surely enhance the reader’s experience.” 

“Lora was a pleasure to work with.”

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